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Reform Now!  

Approve Charter Amendments 1, 2 & 3

This  November we have an opportunity to adopt three important reform measures that will strengthen democracy in Pierce County.  Amendments 1 and 2 will together move county elections to odd numbered years and set a limit of three terms for the County Executive and County Council –  the same term limits that are in place for Auditor, Assessor/Treasurer and Sheriff.  Amendment 3 will repeal “Ranked Choice Voting” and restore the popular and fairer “top two” primary.

Off year elections can make democracy personal again.  County candidates will be able to campaign one-on-one with voters, who in turn will be able to focus on county elections – rather than having to compete with the noise and excitement of national campaigns.  This will allow less expensive campaigns and open the door for more people to consider running for public office.

A limit of three terms is a commonsense position between allowing politicians to stay in office for a lifetime and forcing good people out just when they’ve learned how to do the job.

Repeal Ranked Choice Voting:

Approve Charter Amendments 1, 2 & 3

In 2006 Pierce County adopted the experimental  “Ranked Choice Voting” system for most county elections.  At the time many claims were made about the advantages of RCV that have proven to be false and even misleading.  RCV has hurt voter turnout, cost more tax dollars to administer, and failed to provide a majority winner in every election.  RCV did not replace the unpopular “pick-a-party” primary as claimed in 2006, but instead denied voters the “top two” primary.

RCV is bad for democracy, it grants new powers to the political parties to control who files for office and rewards political extremism.  The “top two” primary is the constitutional alternative that is most like our beloved blanket primary.

Remember, when you vote “approve” on Amendment 3 you vote to return to the “top two” primary.


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Amendments 1 and 2
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